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The net is a fabulous tool to create encyclopedias and other informations consolidations – and the Curious Beings Ermine nose is always looking for these intellectual resources all over the web to feed its hungry brain.


So, beside the useful wikipedia and other national institutional websites, one of them seems to me quite surprising because it’s the C.I.A. website ! Yes, The U.S.A Central International Agency. This big spies congregation give a free access to a huge information package by her The World Factbook (here on wikipedia).

You can find a lot of useful informations, sorted by country, about demographic, politic and economic situations. It’s just amazing. You have so much countries, so much data categories.


Ok ! but…


Ok that’s the cool and interesting part of it, but we have some questions. A lot of people pick some informations for business use from the CIA site because it’s the CIA site, of course : « my data isgood, it comes from the CIA !!!


Nevertheless, when you look for the information sources nothing is mentioned : which sources ? nothing ! So where and how the CIA looking for this data ? And, behind this question, if you don’t know the sources, should we trust the CIA data…


When you compare for the same time estimation (July 2007) the CIA’s data and the data from the official and national french statistic institution (INSEE) it doesn’t match : you have a difference of about one million (french population : 60 876 136 (CIA) / 6 1708 000 (INSEE)) !? So we can say we have just 1/60th between the two numbers : it’s not so much… let’s go. But, another point of view it’s to say « hey wait a minute, one million it’s important, that’s approximately three years of population growth ». And overall, if the CIA data doesn’t match with the national official data, what should we think about the CIA data validity !!!


… and the partial conclusion


One thing to do. The Curious Being Incorp. will investigate the matter. We’ll make investigations with much more data comparison.


One thing to say. Why the CIA doesn’t show her sources about all of these no secret data ?

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