The necro-quest of egos

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The « be yourself weariness »

During the 80’s and 90’s, the growth of the ego-quest ideology was so strong and was a such pressure, in publicity, in social and professional lives, that we observed an high increase of depressions. People tried very hard to find their real identity and obviously they failed !

In fact, the real egos don’t exist. Try to find what is our real personality and our authentic yourself is meaningless. We ‘re a complex interaction between biology, history and social contexts. In reality, our identity can be everything except an Holy Graal, one of a kind and congealed for ever…

Our biological and social individual history are like a fluid molecular structure, and our identity is the shape according to the context. If your ego is fixed and stable, think you ‘re freeze !!!

We can read Ehrenberg researchs about the correlation between this ideology and this kind of depression.


Ils auront beau se chercher avidement […] : ils ne trouveront jamais que des images parodiques et s’endormiront aussi vide que des miroirs
George Bataille


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